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History in the Anglophone Worlds (UFR Études Anglophones)

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    UFR Géographie, Histoire, Économie et Société

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    Semestre 1


Since its emergence in the 19th century with the first historical novels, the popularity of historical fiction has grown stronger than ever, with a mass production not only of novels, but of new types of historical fiction such as films, TV shows and video games.

These products, which mostly originate from the English-speaking sphere, offer interpretations of a wide range of periods and themes of the history of the United Kingdom, the United States but also less known English[1]speaking areas.

This seminar will mix presentations of theoretical debates on historical fiction, and case studies based on excerpts from works of historical fiction (novels, films, TV shows, video games….)

This seminar will build up on a current research project on historical fiction conducted by an interdisciplinary team of specialists of history, literature and visual studies of the English-speaking world from the LARCA of Université Paris Cité:


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  • History in the Anglophone Worlds (UFR Études Anglophones)24h