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Culutral communication strategies

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    UFR Études Interculturelles de Langues Appliquées

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    Semestre 2


What is culture ? How does it shape us as individuals and, moreover, influence the dynamics in the workplace? After giving an overview of different theoretical models that can be used to categorize and analyse cross-cultural differences, we will then identify cultural characteristics that can facilitate and/or hamper communication between individuals and within professional teams. Such issues as stereotypes, unconscious bias, but also body language and even humour will be explored and serve as the basis for acquiring practical tools and techniques to better navigate the complexities of communication within a multi-cultural team in the workplace.

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 A B2/C1 level in English ; a multi-cultural background and/or a strong interest in multi-cultural interaction.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • Culutral communication strategiesTravaux Dirigés18h