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Qualitative and quantitative research methods I 

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    Institut de psychologie

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    Semestre 1


The course will describe the rationale, design and techniques for a range of experimental and social advanced research methods along with the practical advantages and limitations of each. It will also describe the methodology for research presentation. 
The course includes three parts. Part I will focus on the method of Questionnaires for social surveys. It will present main tools typically used to implement questionnaires, collect and analyze data, as well as to manage large databases. Part II will present an overview of New technologies methods used in cognitive psychology. Different advanced methods including eye tracking, movement analysis (e.g., EMG, motion capture), virtual reality, and neuroimaging (e.g., fMRI, EEG, TMS) will be presented. In addition to the presentation of the theoretical, technical and practical aspects, each method will be illustrated with examples from basic and applied research studies, testing different scientific questions and cognitive functions (e.g., memory, perception-action, decision making…). Part III will describe different methods to present results from research studies by giving guidelines and tips for both oral and written scientific communication (e.g., talks, posters, articles). 

Learning outcomes: to choose appropriate techniques, methods and measures for a range of research questions; to understand the design and analysis of responses in questionnaires and to critically evaluate questionnaires; to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge to design experiments using the appropriate technique and method, and to appreciate advantages and limitations of each method; to develop a critical awareness of the research methods; to make a good and effective research presentation.

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Heures d'enseignement

  • Activity 1 : QuestionnaireCours Magistral12h
  • Activity 2 : New technologies and NeuroimagingCours Magistral18h
  • Activity 3 : Methods of research presentationCours Magistral6h